Cash and Voucher Assistance

Cash Transfer is increasingly getting adopted by countries worldwide as a central element of social protection and poverty reduction.

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CVA beneficiary.

Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) intervention cuts across all thematic areas geared towards ensuring effective service delivery in alleviating human suffering and saving lives of the most vulnerable communities.

The focus of this programme is to enhance Red Cross Red Crescent capacity for CVA interventions in the region by focusing on:
  1. Capacity Building initiatives such as technical support, trainings and peer to peer learning.
  2. Operationalizing of the CVA tools, approaches, methodologies and innovative ways of delivering cash.
  3. Strengthen the existing systems to effectively support CVA in all phases of disaster management through review of existing systems and providing recommendations to RCRC
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ICHA Executive Director Dr. Ahmed Idris during 2019 FinTech in Humanitarian Aid Confrence
Our programme is the RCRC’s partner of choice for CVA in each of the member countries’ respective national societies. Our work entails:
  1. Strategic Engagement with key existing and new stakeholders including the government
  2. Showcasing the RCRC work on CVA through publications, documentaries and events
  3. Lobbying for resources for CVA implementation on behalf of the government and donors.
  4. Coordination and providing leadership through working groups and other forums

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