Case Study Health and Nutrition

Author: Dr.Uzma Alam

Case Study –health and nutrition

1.    Introduction This case study examines the relevance of health and nutrition interventions by Kenya Red Cross designed to address the needs of people with some of the highest malnutrition rates seen among refugee populations in Kenya. 

Specifically, the case study:

Examines how interventions were designed, adopted and adjusted on a continuous basis to accommodate the influx of refugees and changing needs

Explores the extent to which the health and nutrition needs of host populations were, and could have been, considered in the initial planning  and implementation of refugee services. Documents the difference that services have made in the lives of refugees,

Explores and documents the views of refugees with regard to the services they have utilized and the areas they think need improvement  

Explores the extent to which health and nutrition services were aligned to UNHCR, SPHERE and other national and international standards. Considers the extent to which the programme design and results were reasonable, effective and scalable.

Examines the extent to which health and nutrition services were integrated with other services

Documents innovations (noting success or lack of) which were implemented to improve service delivery

This case study is part of a series commissioned by the International Center for Humanitarian Affairs (ICHA) to steer the Kenya Red Cross Society’s research and training agenda. The Center provides a platform for evidence generation, knowledge management and translation of evidence to policy and practice.