Our Team

Professor Richard Samson Odingo

Professor of Climatology and Geography of Agriculture.

Professor Richard Samson Odingo is a Nobel Laureate with extensive University teaching experience at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels and has over the years supervised many graduate students at the MSc and MA levels. 

His intense interest in environmental issues has seen him specialize in Climatology and Geography of Agriculture.

He has participated in various capacities in local and international organizations dealing with environmental issues, and was a pioneer in the establishment of the “Institute of Natural Resources in Africa” (INRA), while at the United Nations University. For twenty years up to 2008, he was a Bureau Member of UNEP/WMO Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

In Kenya, Professor Odingo has been the Chairman of the National Climate Change Activities Coordination Committee (NCCACC) a body that has overseen the Kenya Government Activities on Climate Change.