Basic Fire Safety

From Tuesday, 07 Aug 2018 to Tuesday, 07 Aug 2018

In recent decades, the world has experienced an increase of man-made and natural disasters.  Now more than ever there is need to understand how to manage fires.  This course is designed to give awareness on how to prevent, suppress and evacuate in the case of a fire outbreak.  The course targets every person at all levels to be aware of how fires start, spread and are controlled.  This course teaches general concepts on fire and make employees aware of fire risks in the workplace.

Personal benefits

  • Learn basic knowledge, skills and attitudes on fire prevention measures as well as actions necessary for minimizing impact in the event of fire.
  • Learn fire emergency response procedures


Organizational benefits

  • Gain awareness of relevant knowledge and skills for safer work places
  • Avoid destruction of property and loss of lives


Duration: 1- Day.

Cost: Kshs 3,500


Duration: 2 Days combined with Basic First Aid at a cost: ksh 6,500/-


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