Ambulance Operators Course

From Monday, 23 Jul 2018 to Friday, 03 Aug 2018

This is a unique certificate of merit course that is aimed at a rapid skill acquisition of drivers to safely and effectively manage casualties as well as safely operate emergency vehicles in a prehospital set up. The course targets all drivers that need to advance their knowledge and skills to equip them with both the theoretical and practical skills on the following:-

  • Knowledge on well being of the Ambulance Operator
  • Medico legal & Ethical Issues in ambulance operations
  • Knowledge, skills and attitudes required to handle emergency situations
  • Performance of basic life –saving procedures using basic equipment
  • Assessment and transportation of Medical and Trauma patients during emergency situations appropriately.
  • Knowledge and skills in defensive driving,
  • Medical dispatch orientation

Course Duration: 10 Days

Cost: Kshs 35,000



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