Personal Efficiency and Time Management

From Tuesday, 19 Jul 2016 to Wednesday, 20 Jul 2016

The workplace require that we deliver against strict deadlines and juggling competing priorities. Multitasking to deliver complex projects and time-driven assignments often define how we work.

In this course, participants will learn skills and techniques of organising priorities and time to achieve specific tasks, projects and goals. Participants will also acquire insights on how to improve their effectiveness in all aspects of life, including personal relationships, communication and self-confidence.

Would you like to

• Discover how you use time and learn tips of managing this scarce resource
• Focus on what’s important, know how to handle what’s urgent and deal with competing priorities
• Gain skills and attitudes that you can immediately use to prioritise the things that matter whether at work or in your
personal life
What you will gain
The course will be delivered using real life case studies drawn from participants’ work-life’s situations. On completion, the
participant will be able to:
• Practical knowledge on environmental timewasters and have discussed concrete change action plan to follow
• Understood the key steps in applying Paretos principles in their work Environment
• Secret of Efficiency using ARC – Affinity, Reality & Communication
• Differentiated Urgent from important work tasks and prioritize long terms engagements accordingly
• Understood the key issues challenging own work environment in producing results efficiently
• Running effective meetings / Coaching or Mentoring of team members
• Understood strategies/empowerment methods that can be applied when working with others in a deadline
driven environment
• Gained understanding of factors influencing effectiveness/success of their unit / Department / self
• Knowledge of the policy issues influencing establishment and strengthening of farmer organizations

Who should attend

Participants who want to be effective and efficient in their work, relationships and communication and want to gain
control of their lives and how their time is spent.

Topics covered

Time management and planning principles – Use of prioritizing tools & Techniques – Assertive skills training - Pareto
principles – On what does holding a job depend? -Dealing with interruptions at work- Emotions - Energy fuel (nutrition)-
Your personal energy action plan- Best practice in effective delegation of tasks- Differentiating Urgent Vs Important work
tasks, habits of highly effective people, handle paper work –goal setting- Roles & goals – Habits of highly effective
people- GROW Coaching attitude- personal mail & taming technology - Dealing with stressful people- Understanding
own body cycle/clock, - Creating understanding and improving key relationships hinged on three things: Affinity, Reality
and Communication (A-R-C).
3 days

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