Occupational First Aid

From Tuesday, 21 Mar 2017 to Friday, 24 Mar 2017

With increased number of emergencies and disasters in work places,there is need to develop life saving knowledge and kills in the workplace.The course focuses on hazards and dangers that are found in the workplace.The course targets companies,industries,learning institutions,religious institutions and the general public

 The course will take place on the following dates: 24-27 JAN., 14-17 FEB., 21-24 MAR., 18-21 APRIL; 9-12 MAY., 12-16 JUNE., 11-14 JULY, 8-11 AUG; 12-15 SEP., 10-13 OCT., 28 NOV -1 DEC. 2017

Duration: 4days

Cost: 7,000

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