Baby Minder Course

From Saturday, 01 Sep 2018 to Saturday, 01 Sep 2018

Dealing with an injured or a very sick child is overwhelming and can be tough when one is uncertain about what to do in such situations.This course teaches caregivers how to deal with injuries and common medical emergencies seen infants and children

What you will gainParticipants will be taught practical skills in a stimulating, interactive learning environment.
After successfully completing the course, you will be able to:

• Recognize and handle common life-threatening situations
• Identify and manage common medical emergencies in infants and older children


This course is recommended to everyone who provides care to children
• Parents
• House nannies/home managers/house helps
• School teachers/assistant school teachers
• Sunday school teachers/Madrasa Teachers
• Swimming instructors
• Nurse Aides/Patient Care Attendants


For further information write to, or apply online 


Duration: 1 day.

Dates: 7th July 2018

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